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How 2 do really awesome shit in Pokemon
Guess what?
You know Alolan Raichu and Surge Surfer and everyone I am sure is aware of Electric Terrain as a combo.
Consider this.
Tailwind doubles the party's speed for 4 turns, which with Alolan Raichu's speed and Surge Surfer doubling it's speed with Electric Terrain, that makes it's speed even when not boosted 4x it's normal rate, which makes it even faster then even Pheromosa.
Also, you know what else?
Paralysis not just can make it hard to mount a counter attack, but also cuts the opponent's speed in half.
Why do I bring this up?
Well, if you can take advantage of it...
You can pretty much spam Electro Ball, which does damage based on speed. And with 4x speed, STAB, and the paralysis in effect, that means whenever you use it, it will deal MASSIVE DAMAGE that will deal OVER 9000 damage to anything that is not a ground type.
And you know what's great about ground types and the popular ones that everyone loves? They have big weaknesses to grass knot, which you can p
:iconcerisbeech:CerisBeech 5 56
Wes is more badass then Red
Red is nothing compared to Wes's badassness..XD 
Though Red strikes me as that streotypically creepy anime young boy who is quiet most of the time but giggles ocassionally in a creepy way and their reason is because they had a past of bloodshed or something not neccassarily caused by them but needs love or something...which is mainly because Red had dialouge in Gen 1 but in Gen 2 he got quieter like something fucked up happened that a lot of people died...wait..Articuno...cooled down volcano..fuck Red! He untintentionally caused that damn volcano to erupt and caused burning genocide! O_O No wonder he's so quiet..that's a heavy guilty burden.. 
:iconprincedumuzi:PrinceDumuzi 1 3
If Gamefreak ever remade RGBY again..
They should just flat out say that old man in Viridian City is actually drunk like he is stated to be in the Japanese version.. 
Because seriously, it's funny as hell and makes more since then the dumb as hell coffee explanation! :iconwtfisthisplz:
Seriously even kids aren't that stupid! Kids are more smarter then dumbass censortards realized! :facepalm:
Most familes have people who drink coffee anyways or have someone in them that also drinks alcohol in front of their younger family members anyways, so they're bound to know coffee doesn't make you act like that but alcohol would just from observation..
I swear adults in places are the real stupid ones and kids are the smarter ones.. When this vessel was young even I wasn't that gullible and stupid! I wasn't blind to such tomfoolery! The adults censor way to much nowadays seriously the children can handle those things, the adults are the asshurt overly sensitive shits who are only making their species devolve with this brainlessne
:iconprincedumuzi:PrinceDumuzi 1 0
Rapidash - The Flaming Beauty by xXFF7xYaoixX Rapidash - The Flaming Beauty :iconxxff7xyaoixx:xXFF7xYaoixX 69 20 Cynthia!! by RedShiheart Cynthia!! :iconredshiheart:RedShiheart 32 1 :typhlosion: X-Y Typhlosion by Bouncerr :typhlosion: X-Y Typhlosion :iconbouncerr:Bouncerr 61 133
Alolan Forms are Genius
So, I just got two root canals done today, but that's not important. What's important is that these new Pokemon forms for existing Pokemon are absolutely BRILLIANT. 
Coming from someone who loves biology - I'm in awe of these new takes on Pokemon, and find the concept invigorating, exciting, and downright awesome. Let's just recap the new Pokemon forms so far:
Exeggutor: Grass/Psychic -> Grass/Dragon
Vulpix: Fire -> Ice
Ninetales: Fire -> Ice/Fairy (Ninetales is now one of my most favorite Pokemon with this typing)
Sandshrew: Ground -> Ice/Steel
Sandslash: Ground -> Ice/Steel
From a purely biological perspe
:iconthecynicalpoet:TheCynicalPoet 2 5
[Pokemon] Guzma by Azuiri [Pokemon] Guzma :iconazuiri:Azuiri 67 3 Alolan Marowak by Azuiri Alolan Marowak :iconazuiri:Azuiri 97 12 kinderGARDEN by astralshock kinderGARDEN :iconastralshock:astralshock 11 18 Eevee, Sylveon And Umbreon Night Stroll by MNIM73 Eevee, Sylveon And Umbreon Night Stroll :iconmnim73:MNIM73 14 25 Vaporeon and Umbreon Valentines Day by MNIM73 Vaporeon and Umbreon Valentines Day :iconmnim73:MNIM73 17 39 Vaporeon lineart by leafeonchic470 Vaporeon lineart :iconleafeonchic470:leafeonchic470 3 0 Ultra Beast Gijinkas by JinchuurikiHunter Ultra Beast Gijinkas :iconjinchuurikihunter:JinchuurikiHunter 208 34 Minun Sparkle Picture by CatCamellia Minun Sparkle Picture :iconcatcamellia:CatCamellia 15 4 Plusle Sparkle Picture by CatCamellia Plusle Sparkle Picture :iconcatcamellia:CatCamellia 21 4



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